Roy's Boys


After a two week break in which Pamela drove cross-country from New York to Oregon, with stops in Colorado and New Mexico, I’m baaaaack. While this strip doesn’t tackle the move itself, it does leave me a week to figure out how I’d like to distill it into less strips rather than more; and hey, you get to see what my faux single life for the last year was actually like.

I’d like to thank our other boy, Kurtis, once again for filling in admirably the last two weeks. There will definitely be more Adventures of Kurtis in the Roy’s Boys future, and I for one cannot wait!

Discussion (2)¬

  1. bothersomeTwerp says:

    Truly, the single life is the good life
    I mean, I can’t imagine parachuting, surrounded by women’s underwear, brandishing a shotgun and a martini, wearing half a tux and shorts with tennis socks while being hunted down by enemy fighter planes WITH my girlfriend
    That just sounds silly . . .

  2. Shane says:

    Girlfriends love silly things, and roleplaying.