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I loooove Stratego; I’ve loved it for a long, long time.  In my head I’ve never lost a game of Stratego in my life, which I can’t say with 100% accuracy is actually true or not.  If I have, we’re talking a small handful of defeats versus an entire childhood of beastin’ kids that send their Marshalls to death within the first five minutes – hell, adults still seem to rock this venerable strategy.

I’m generally not arrogant or cocky, but when it comes to Stratego I immediately suspect that I’m better than you.  Roy is not a fan of Stratego Shane.

I do recall playing my roommate from NYC to a draw…

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  1. Engelus says:

    Actually, a strike to the taint can be quite severe. If hard enough, an impact to the taint can compact the spine causing intense trauma and in some cases can cause swelling of the spinal cord and even death. Protect your life, protect your taint. Now you know.

  2. Roy says:

    Ffffuuuuuu. Death by taint-kick. What a way to go.