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Nothing is Too Forward

Nothing is Too Forward

If there’s a girl or boy you like but haven’t told, do yourself a favor, tell them right now, this very second.  The funny thing about life is every once in a while that person you’ve got your sights on is actually diggin’ on you as well – I know, it’s craazy.

When 2011 began I had this plan to be Shane 4.0: unafraid to ‘put myself out there’, or to live life with no regrets.  I’m not sure nine months into the year that I’ve actually succeeded nearly as much as I would have hoped, but the little bit of wacky courage I shoehorned into the early part of the year is still paying dividends.

I hope it stays that way for the foreseeable future.

Discussion (5)¬

  1. Magnus369 says:

    Wow… I think I’d kick your ass if you did that stupid hand crap every time I saw. Or in the very least, rip your arms off and stuff them up your ass.

  2. Roscoe says:

    Lil’ problem with that on my front though, the girl I like is seeing someone, and the guy above me has got to be like 13 at the very least, am I right?

  3. Roscoe says:

    Either way, congrats man

  4. Shane says:

    I have no idea if you’re right! If he’s 13! Though, I’m sure you could take him.

  5. Stephen Jackson says:

    I would recommend rugby tackles. They always work!