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Hard Decisions

Hard Decisions

In actuality, I care very little about what beverages (alcoholic or not) I pair with my food. I like orange juice, and I like pizza. I like vanilla soymilk, and I like baked tilapia. I like shiraz, and I like nachos. I see no reason why these things can’t go together.

Discussion (4)¬

  1. Daniel says:

    The expressions in the last panel are priceless haha!

  2. Engelus says:

    does it make me a beer nerd that I like to pair beers with my food? certain beers go better with specific foods, Its not just what goes with what, its actually based on chemistry and how the chemicals in the food interact with the chemicals of the drink. when its working the flavors contrast each other and has a pallet cleansing effect which prepares your taste buds to receive the full effect of the flavors again and again. A great example is Boston Lager with bratwurst or kielbasa It will be the best beer you’ve ever had, and the best sausage.

  3. Roy says:

    Thanks, Daniel! Can I ask what is going on in your profile pic? That shit looks bonkers :D

    Engelus, yes, that does make you a beer nerd. I am, however, in favor of such nerdiness. Even though I don’t actively seek good pairings normally, if I ever find myself with a fat juicy sausage in my face, I’ll be sure to try and find a Boston Lager to go with it.

  4. Chris Rivan says:

    This is like the 13th or 14th time I’ve busted up reading this comic. Last panel is priceless!