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It’s Over
December 21st, 2013

It’s Over

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Info on where to buy print editions of Roy’s Boys can be found HERE.

Year Three, Print Edition now available!

RB Year Three

Copies of Roy’s Boys – Year Three have arrived at my desk! Shane and Roy will be selling these at Emerald City Comicon, coming up at the end of March, and they can be ordered online using these links:

Buy from (convenient purchasing!) 
Buy from CreateSpace
 (we get more royalties!)
Buy from (Europe?!)



Roy’s Boys: Year Two is here!

Fresh copies have arrived for the upcoming con season! Buy directly from us at Emerald City Comicon and Stumptown Comics Fest, or online at the following links!

Buy from Amazon (convenient purchasing!) 
Buy from CreateSpace
(we get more royalties!)

Roy’s Boys: Year One as PDF – Pay what you want!

Hey folks! Although all the comics are already available for free here on the website, we are now offering our first trade paperback, Roy’s Boys: Year One, as a single PDF file for any donation amount! Year One includes the first year’s worth of strips as well as a making-of section and a few bonus sketches. Use the donate button on the right sidebar to get you one!

Prolonged Contact, Episode 20: Right Into the Excuses

Prolonged Contact, Episode 20: Right Into the Excuses

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Long time no cast! In a somewhat feeble attempt to catch up on our overdue Podcast schedule, we return here with another episode of silliness and strip discussion.

Strips Discussed: Mind Over Matter, Matter Over Mind, He Knows!, The College Years: Ancient Flora, Exposure, A Spoonful Weighs a Ton, Cleanin’ Up the Streets, Minty Fresh, Orange Alert, Sweetness, Bullseye.

Questions Answered:

-As a deaf Roy’s Boys comic reading fan, how am I to follow your Podcast, audibly? Your comics are so loud and so much in-my-face full of awesomeness that a podcast seems rather… anticlimactic.

Pose a Question for next Month:

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Animated Fan Art by “bothersomeTwerp”!

One of our most loyal fans and commenters, bothersomeTwerp, made us this totally sweet animated fan art!! Thank you so much! Check it out here on his deviantart page! CLICKY-CLICKY

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